30 paintings in 30 days day 13

O.K., so I missed day 11 & 12 because I was taking advantage of the crystal blue sky dry September weather to work on painting my house and never made it into the studio.  Well, that needs to get done too, along with finishing 3 witch dolls.  Below, my little painting for day 13 and below that, the witches. 


30 paintings in 30 days - day 1

Along with making witch dolls and painting my house, I've added the 30 paintings in 30 days challenge to my list of things to do.  Although it may end up being 20 paintings in 30 days for me!  At any rate, staying busy is one way of fending off the end of summer blues.  They will be small paintings on paper, which might make it doable, and I will post them here.  Practice is a good thing.  If interested in participating you can find more info here.